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                      Dependable Mill Direct Certified Materials Supply

                      Welcome to A-1 Alloys!

                      Since our beginnings in 1978 we have focused on?Our Culture?to continually improve our customer satisfaction and trace-ability in all aspects of our transactions. We strive to deliver the highest quality products and services in a competitive and?efficient manner.

                      We Stock Impact Resistant Materials, Wear Resistant Materials,?High Strength Steels,?Stainless Steels, and a host of other metals?in all of the Standard Alloys and Standard Shapes.

                      We pride ourselves on being able to expedite orders and make firm commitments for on time deliveries. Our staff are all dedicated to providing you with quality materials and exemplary service at a competitive price to get the job done on time.


                      American Owned ?and Operated since opening in 1978!

                      We are qualified as a Small Business and a Hub-Zone Business with the SBA.

                      Main Office:

                      3330 Beyer Bl.? # F

                      San Diego, Ca, 92173


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